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  •   Product Description

    Very amazing and interesting item. After pressed the button, the bracelet will glowing when it hearing the music and stop glowing when the music stop. How wonderful product it is. It is a very good promotion gift, especially for parties, bars, and for children.

  •   Product Details

    Item No.: YG1067

    Item Name: Glowing with music-voice control LED bracelet


    1、Press the button to open the power, when hearing the music or voice, 

    the bracelet will glowing, and stop glowing when the music stop 

    2、Very unique and wonderful bracelet

    3、It is popular for festival party, concert, bar, and so on. 

    4、Including 2*CR2016 battery, could use for long time

    5、Medium size, available for most user

    Product Size20*70mm

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