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  •   Product Description

    The Foldable Water Bottle is made from three layers of ultra-durable strong plastic material which make it reuseable. It is foldable, and the carabiner make it easy to take. What’s more, it can stand by itself after full in the water. It would be a good choice for you, especially for travel and hiking.

  •   Product Details

    Item No.: YG7507

    Item Name: Foldable Water Bottle

    Description:  Material: PE, PA, Ultra-durable BPA-Free polymer

                 Foldable, can be rolled, folded when empty, making it easy to carry

                  Standable: With a best bottom, making it stand up well when fill in the water

                  Attachable: with a carabiner, making it easy to clip to purse or pack.

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    Product Size: 26*12cm

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